Surfacing Bit Speeds and Feeds

I’m sure there’s always a newbie in the group. Can anyone be so kind as to list the best speeds and feeds for surfacing bits 1 inch in size? Been overheating and smoking up the place. Been trying everything with little luck. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

@Megistus - Wayne, what are your current settings that are generating heat and smoke?

@Megistus I don’t have a 1" bit, Wayne, so my specs may not be relevant. I have the ~7/8" bit sold by Sienci. I run it at 150ipm with the Makita set at about half speed. I take a .010 depth cut each pass. No smoke.

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Maple -
DPP - 0.05 Feed Rate
50 ipm
Spindle 12000 RPM

I’ll second grant on his feeds and speeds. I have a 1" surfacing bit and have been running it at 100ipm, at .0625 depth of cut w/40% stepover, and roughly 12000rpm on the makita router.


@Megistus I suggest that your feed is too slow, Wayne. Plus, if you are cutting maple, it’s prone to burning at the best of times. Finally, taking .05 with a 1" bit in maple using a small trim router is not doing the bit or the router any favours. The first cut will be tough. Depending on your step over, subsequent ones may not be too bad. That’s still a big bit with only a 1/4" shaft.
Speaking only for me, I’m in no hurry when I surface my spoil board. It’s MDF and I take only .01 at a time, using a 30% step over. I don’t want to take more than that. It’s a pain to replace the spoil board, so I want it to last as long as possible.

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@megistus, as most people are trying to tell you slow down the router speed and decrease the stopover, let the bit cut at least 60 percent of its width. Yes the first pass will be terrible if you aren’t able to plunge into it, but after the first cut things will get much better.

When I do that and if it’s still burning a bit I speed up the feed rate with UGS override settings

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