Surfacing with gSender


I wanted to resurface my board, I have the larger LongMill, what settings would I put in here:

I would jog to the bottom left corner of the spoil board and zero the X and Y. Then jog to the upper right corner and write down the X and Y coordinates. That will give you the dimensions of your board. Bit diameter is self explanatory and the spindle rpm doesn’t matter if you have a router. 40% for stepover is fine, the feedrate will depend on the bit but 60 in/min should be ok for a surfacing bit. The layer depth is how much will be removed per pass and when max depth is reached the program will end. Note that if your spoil board is looking good you can just stop the program with the E-stop button or with the software stop button if you run on main visualizer. Not sure if there is a stop button without using the main visualizer because I have always used the main visualizer.

The start position lets you choose a corner to start from and whether it spirals out from the center or goes side to side. I’ve always used the side to side one.

I think that covers it, post back if you need more help or to let us know how good it came out.


Thanks that helps, I will try it out and circle back.