Switched my computer and cannot connect

So far I was running my Longmill using a Laptop Win8.1. Today I replaced it with a desktop with same windows but was unable to connect to the machine using same build UGS. Any suggestions?

@hobbyman I could be a smarta$$, Vipul and say “switch to gsender”, but I will not. :grinning:

Open device manager in windows and make sure that a comm port has been assigned to your arduino/Mill controller. If is has, make note of the com port number and ensure that is where UGS (or gsender) is looking. If it has not, you may need to load drivers for the arduino. Windows should see the board and load the drivers, but sometimes it needs to be done manually.

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Thanks. That’s exactly what I was thinking. But couldn’t find any ports in my device manager either. Could you please post the download link for Arduino? I’ll be obliged. Thanks again for your time.

@hobbyman You will find a download link here


One thing that you can try before doing this download is to shut down your PC. Plug in the long mill controller. (You can turn it on but you don’t need to. The arduino is powered by the PCs USB port. The power supply is there for the driver boards and the motors.) Then, power up the PC. In an ideal world, it will see the board and load drivers. In the real world, it may not and then you can go to the arduino page and download them.

Oh, and before you do any of this, make sure that the USB port that you are using is working properly. Plug in a USB stick and make sure that the PC sees it.

I’m sorry that this explanation is all a bit backwards. I’m thinking it up as I go along.

I got it even though you think it backwards. Will do so and revert back once done!

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@ gwilki…I think I did not install drivers on my laptop. But on this, I guess, I should had. And it did get connected now. Thanks for your time…