T12 lead screw too hot to touch

I have a MK2 48x30 that I recently installed the T-12 anti-backlash nut on. I was just laser engraving on a sheet of plywood a small photo (about 6"x6", so a lot of back and forth on the same area of the machine) and the machine locked up and made a strange noise, tried to reset and moved over to the left of the project and tried to restart when i pushed the kill switch. The T-12 lead screw where the machine was working was too hot to touch. I have too much friction at the lead screw anti-backlash interface. I made no adjustment to the screw setting before I installed. My feed rate was set at 157in/min. Go back the original anti-backlash nut? I just installed a Laser Tree K20 and had to push that speed and 1% power not to burn the engraving.

Sounds like a typical new product issue-- Public testing is the best LOL. GO back to the old one for now would be my suggestion. Make sure and let the Sienci guys now about your heat issue.

I went back to the original anti-backlash nut and tried again and got the same result. I guess you can’t maintain those speeds in a localized area.

@jpnharris Is the motor hot, too?

Motors are not hot. I backed the speed down to 100 in/min and tried again. I’m still getting the same result. I had another issue while trying to figure this out. Thought I had a motor going bad as I could hear it hum but no movement. I even swapped the motor out with a spare that I had with no luck. Turns out somehow the travel distances in g-sender resent to zero so each attempt to jog would power the motor and not move it. I think I have seen that issue reported elsewhere.

Is the motor coupled to the lead screw when this second problem happens?? if so, uncouple it and try the motor by itself.

I may have not explained the second issue well, the motor is working fine. The issue that I think started in one of the recent gsender updates is the distance a jog press will move in any direction zeroed out… i.e. a jog in any direction moves a distance of zero so the motor hums but doesn’t move.

This turned out to have nothing to do with lead screw heat build-up but an issue with newer versions of g-sender I think. I reverted back to version 1.2 and loaded the same file that I was working with. Everything working fine now even at the faster speeds, lead screw gets pretty warm still but I’m guessing that is fairly normal and I just hadn’t noticed it before. Bottom line is 1,2.2 runs a lot more stable from my experience.