T12 Spring Loaded Anti-Backlash Giving Issues At Rapid Speeds

Hey Mates! Loaded up the T12 Spring Loaded Anti-Backlash Nut this morning and it seems like it’s spring loaded a bit too much. When jogging at Rapid Speeds in gSender, it binds. Didn’t realize it until I went to start a project and it failed on the X-Axis. If I jog it around in normal or precise, it works fine.

First check was to see if I over tightened the bolts connecting to the Z Plate. - All good, just enough to compress the lock washers.

Second check was the clamping nuts for the lead screw. - All good, roughly a 16th of play.

Furthermore, I cleaned the lead screw before adding the nut. -So it’s not buildup.

Should I WD-40 this sucker and see what happens? lol

Hey @AJE,

Thanks for posting, great question! Chatting with the CS team, our recommendation is to lightly spray with WD-40 and run the gantry back and forth as part of the break in period.

If the T12 spring-loaded backlash nut is binding, we recommend lubricating the leadscrew with a light coating of WD-40 or a similar lubricant. Then run the gantry back and forth along the leadscrew to break them in.

Jog on normal speed, increasing to rapid after a few passes. If the T12 binds on rapid, reduce the speed to normal and re-run a few more passes.

Wipe the lead screw after to prevent buildup of dust on the lead screws.

Hope this helps!

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I can recommend a dry version of WD-40 that I’ve had much success with and no problems with buildup. It’s dust resistant.

Try this:

This is the perfect solution to your issue.

I have this precise problem. I used a dry lube and it had no effect over 3000mm/min. The coupler and nut on the lead screw are tight and not applying lateral tension. I loosened the screws on the anti-backlash nut and ran it back and forth to try and align the nut, to the same effect. The old anti-backlash nut does not seem to have this problem, even when the x-axis lead screw has lateral tension, which prevents excessive wobble at higher feed rates. I thought maybe the nut needed to break in but after two hours of dry lube and movement it is behaving as it was since putting the new anti-backlash nut on.

Hey @Joshbennett04,

For this, it’s not the dry WD-40, but the wet. You will need to clean after to prevent debris buildup.


Regular WD40 didn’t work for mine… Maybe I’ll order another one.

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I switched back to the original nut on the x-axis for this reason. If a new nut corrects the issue I will be interested in replacing it.