Tablet rather than laptop

Just wondering if anyone has used a tablet for their cnc machine. I’d rather not take my laptop into the shop.
if you have used a tablet, any suggestions on what type to use ( i.e. amount of memory, operating system,etc.)

I’m sure there are some tablet users out there. I don’t know if UGS will run on android/mac tablets or not. You may be able to run it on a Windows tablet though as long as it has a usb port. Search facebook site or this site for tablets.

You may want to look at running UGS on a Raspberry Pi mini-computer (i’ve not tried it myself but many have). The Pi’s are <$50 and are fanless with no moving parts so they should be more rugged and less costly if there is a problem. You can hook up a keyboard, monitor/HDMI TV and mouse to control UGS.


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