Time cutting vs time remaining

I just ran the attached file. The time remaining hit 0 when the time cutting was at 85%. This is not the only file that this has happened. I reported some others in the SLB category, but now that I’m more confident that it is a gSender issue and not an SLB one, I thought that I would post this particular file here.

1-.25BN_3D Roughing 1.gcode (199.6 KB)

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@gwilki it could be a combination of a gSender and SLB issue, have you tried to run the same file on your test Arduino running grbl?

@chrismakesstuff I wish that I had thought of that. :grinning:

I ran the same file on my test Uno using 1.4.1. (The most recent version that I had on my test PC.) I didn’t let it finish. I just wanted to make sure that all was well. I uninstalled 1.4.1 and installed 1.4.4. I tested outline first and it ran fine. I then tried to run the file. The bit rose in Z, moved the right front corner and froze there. I waited. It never moved.

I uninstalled 1.4.4, re-installed 1.4.1 and the file ran fine. I un-installed 1.4.1, re-installed 1.4.4 and the file froze immediately again.

I tried to output the diagnostic file, but that failed, too.

I have not tried 1.4.4 on the SLB yet.

I’m attaching the last 50 lines from console.

50_line.txt (485 Bytes)

Here is a screen cap when it fails

@chrismakesstuff I just ran the same file on the SLB, running 1.4.4 and it ran to completion.

However the run time function is unchanged from 1.4.3, it appears.

Specifically, this file ran for a total of 11:32, running at 200%. At 4 min, it showed 11% complete, but only 4 min remaining. At 6 min, it showed 24% complete, but only 2:30 remaining. With 0 time remaining, it showed only 75% complete, with 2300 lines left to run.

I ran the same file again, with no override. This time, when it was 100% finished, the count down timer showed 8:31 left. It froze that way for a couple of seconds, then changed to 0.