Tips for someone looking to buy a longmill 48x30

Hey I’m a 17 year old from a rural town in Minnesota. I came across CNC about a month ago and am very interested and done a nice amount of research but am lost in a few areas and don’t feel comfortable buying one yet. I am considering buying a 48x30, just mainly looking for a experienced person to ask questions I have about the whole process too.

A few questions I have
Size of table needed for longmill 48x30
How hard is v carve pro to learn?
Any additional info about v carve or is there something better for a beginner than vcarve pro?
Tool paths in general.
Could I make a small business out of CNC to recoup costs?
What would sell?
Where to sell?
How to find customers?
Is buying files worth it?
How to transfer a file if you buy one
Lifespan of bits

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Hey Riley,

I ha e just installed my 48x30 so I am not the experienced person you are looking for. That said, before I even knew about the longmill, I was looking for a machine and stumbled across this guy’s YouTube channel.

After a few videos, I bought the longmill. This guy’s videos are gold if you are looking for how-to longmill vcarve and all the other questions you asked.

Check him out.

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Info on specs and howto build you can find mostly on the sienci resource page.