Tool changes when needing precision

Hello everyone!

I am doing precision work and need to change tool 3 times on the same sheet.

I am wondering if the best way is to reset my zero with the auto zero touchplate at every tool change or is changing the tool and and continuing my job just fine?

I have made some test and realised that when zeroing two times the same tool, i will have sightly different result on the same sheet.

Thanks for your opinion :slight_smile:

@Bolduc Welcome to the group, Samuel.

You may well hear competing views on this. FWIW, I go with the wisdom that you do not reset XY0 when changing bits. You reset only Z0 to account for the different bit length. Like you, I do some precision work and I frequently do two-sided carvings, where the top and bottom must match perfectly. I have never had an issue leaving XY0 alone.


Thank you very much :slight_smile:

@Bolduc You’re welcome. Be sure to post your projects on the Show Off board.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions as you learn more. This is a great group, full of people willing and able to help.

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Hi @Bolduc ,

I’ve just viewed this video. Maybe it gifs you some knowledge.Changing bits during a project by Sienci Labs.

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I use Carveco - the cheapest one and it creates the tool path for each size bit.
For instance starting out with a 1/4" bit to rough out then switching to a 1/8 and then a 1/16 etc. After the roughing pass is finished the machine goes to the safe Z and your set X0 Y0. You load your next bit, reset Z with the probe, load and run the next file (which is the next tool path). When the tool paths are created they are automatically

numbered eg. Oval cuttingboard1, Oval cuttingbard2. Ive been running this setup for about 6 months and love it.

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