Touch plate bug

I tried the latest Gsender Edge and found something concerning. I was trying to zero a job with the auto-zero touch plate. The tool was moved down to do the Z zero just fine but then it very rapidly moved to the left 2 inches past the edge of the job and knocked the touch plate and my hand that was holding it in place with surprising force. I thought it was a fluke so I retried and the same thing happened. No problem at all with the regular Gsender.

@wilf_yyz I opened a new topic for this and moved your post into it so that it does not get lost in my topic on feed rate.

hi a newbie here but i seemed to be having the same problem here using the auto touch probe and the Y axis i dont know if you have the homing sensors but i dont and wonder if this is part of the problem so before i throw mine out the window i wish you good luck in finding out what is causing it

Hi. I also am an old fart. I have the sensors installed on my machine but I doubt they contribute to the problem since everything worked fine with legacy Gsender. It was only with Gsender Edge that there was the problem with the rapid X motion when using the auto-zero touch plate. Also, the Z part of the operation was normal.