Touch plate calibration trouble

Hello forum! I am using the touch plate to calibrate my machine - the machine goes through the correct set of motions:

  • establishes connection
  • calibrates X, Y, and then Z

(Im following the instructions here: Using gSender - gSender Docs)

However, when I click on “Go to XY0”, the z axis goes all the way to the top, slams into its upper limit, grinds itself for a second and then stops. The X and Y are correct, but the Z is at the top of the z gantry and not zeroed. In the video below, the z axis ends with the blue position numbers at 131.00

Video here:

Thank you for any insight into solving this - I am currently adjusting the z axis with precision jogging… but would love to trust the touch plate!

@WoodCarver Welcome to the group, Matt.

What do you have your safe height set to? You will find it in Settings, General. The movement box.

Looks like that might be related - @gwilki do you know of references for setting this value? Thanks!

@WoodCarver You can read here. It does not say a lot, but it may help.

FWIW, I have mine set to 10mm. Keep in mind that this setting only affects things like jogging. When actually running gcode, the safe height was set in your CAM application.

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Thank you - I will check it out

@gwilki - Thanks! That seems to have fixed the issue.

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@WoodCarver I’m glad that it worked out. I’m going to close this thread, calling the issue resolved. If it recurs for you, let me know and I can re-open the thread.

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