Touch Plate Confirming Conductivity

Watching a recent video from Sienci Labs on Youtube, I was surprised with the method of proving the conductivity of the touch plate. The instructor had removed the clip from the plate and was touching the magnetic contact in the open air. Then reconnecting the clip to the plate and applying the magnetic contact to the router continued the procedure. I personally see so many things wrong with this that I made a video of how I prove conductivity to touch plate and you be the judge. How I test touch probe conductivity


@Megistus I’ve not seen the video, but I follow the same process as you do, Wayne.

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Yep - the Team has made it easy in gSender…

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Lol I thought it was odd too when they did it that way as the way you did is the way I interpreted it and have been doing it. As beginner I think that feature really helps with the learning and good habit forming.


I do it exactly like you, the only difference is I now always use the center as my datum, flip it over, always reads 23 mm. It is really helpful when doing cheats, when I use .0625 60° V bits I can cheat it down several mm to achieve the depth needed.