Touch Plate homing activation

I am assembling machine. Trying Probe procedure. Alarm code 5. Indication is. “homing” is not activated. How does one activate homing?

@Allen761 - First off, welcome to the group Allen. You’ve joined a large group of newbies and experienced guys and gals. Not sure why you are getting this alarm as probing doesn’t have anything to do with “homing”. Can you explain in a little more detail what you are doing and how. Pictures help if you can post them. Let us know.

I am brand new and have just assembled machine except for limit switch. That may be the problem as my probe makes contact. When i ran probe first alarm 5 which related to homing. Figured that out and .enabled homing. Then alarm 9 relating to limit switches. I have the Sensor Kit and have not installed them. Will get that done and try again. Thanks for answering. I am sure it is operator error.

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