Touch probe is not recognized by gsender

I am unable to get my touch plate to work on my gsender it is not recognized, any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

Hi tucker71,

Did you setup the probe the right way under settings?

yes my screen looks just like the one you shown, could be possible the touch plate i received could be faulty!
sorry im new to this and confused.

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I would inspect the wiring the for any damage and check the connector that plugs into the control board and make sure the wire is exposed in the connector.

If you have a multimeter you can check for continuity by putting the magnet on the block and test the connector end, you should have continuity when the magnet end touches the block.

Not sure what the problem could be but I thought this is something to check.

When you say that it is not recognized do you mean that you make it to the following dialog box and nothing happens when you touch the block to the bit?
Screenshot 2023-10-29 142700
The way it should work is you hit the probe button in the bottom right of gSender and that dialog pops up. You should have the magnet on the bit and when you touch the block to the bit the red dot changes to green and the “Waiting on probe circuit confirmation…” changes to a button that starts the actual probe sequence.

If nothing happens when you touch the block to the bit that means the circuit is not being closed, no continuity. So my thinking is that if you can check the block for continuity with a multimeter as I described in my previous post then you can determine whether the problem is with the probe wiring or something in the control box.

If you don’t have continuity when checking block then the problem is with the block wiring. On the other hand if the block has continuity when you test it then the problem is with the control box.

Hope this makes sense and my thinking is correct.

EDIT: And by the way, welcome to the forum!

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I’m new to and have to look everything up. I’ll ask for thinks I can’t find to. So no problem asking. That’s why this forum exist.

@tucker71 I had a broken wire and had to replace the zero plate wiring.

Where was the wire broken? I noticed the plug to my autozero plate is very stiff and flimsy and looks like the plastic coating is failing (right at the plug).

@jmartin104 Just somewhere within the wire. As I recall the red one. I also drilled and tapped a new + attachment point in the zero plate itself and was able to install a new - round connector for the magnetic attachment, the banana plug kept falling out. I don’t know about the new style but the older style wasn’t built for the long haul use. It makes life easier but a single sheet of paper worked very well.

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