Touch Probe Issues - Broken Bits


I’ve finally completed my first carve, turned out pretty good.

I have the touch probe, and use gsender, and I got the XYZ, and the first time worked amazing.

Now on to my second carve, I was setting the zero again, this time, when it went to do the X, it didn’t go all the way across and came down on the touch probe and snapped the bit.

The X and Y are suppose to overshoot, and then then it slowly should come back to get the X twice and Y twice, like it did the first time.

Like I said above, it didn’t go all the way across on the X and then it went right down and scarred my touch probe.

Any ideas?

Anyone can help?? I am really hoping to get this resolved. TIA

@Bizbrar Since it has worked before, I would suggest that you start by checking the wire connections. On the banana plug, unscrew the plastic cover and remove the wire. If it is tinned, cut off the tinned end, strip it back and replace it. Do the same at the green plug end. Finally make sure that the wire in the magnet is tight.