Touch screen sizing?

I fired up gSender on my official 7" touch screen, but the resolution isn’t high enough. Can gSender scale down more?

Alternatively, what’s the smallest resolution gSender will run on? There are 1280x800 10" touch screen’s available for the Pi.

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I am also curious on this one. eventually, I would like to run the PI on a 12"

if thats not a realistic option, I was going to ask if going headless and using a web browser with a 10.5" tablet would make sense?

@chrismakesstuff Where do you see the PI, headless and Remote UI in the future? and what kind of timeline are you thinking? 6 months? 1 year ? …

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I also would like the ability to run this on a PI touch screen.

I just put up some instructions that should work for most use cases on the smaller touch screens, let me know if this works for you guys:

@Menglor as of now I’m feeling confident that headless and remote will be available within the next 6 months. It’s something where we’ve been putting all our focus as of now to finish ironing out the main bugs so that ideally >80% of gSender users are almost completely satisfied with its operation and they feel they can run it reliably for even more complex jobs. Since this is nearing completion, it means that we’ll be able to turn our efforts towards more niche / advanced features soon, Pi stuff being amongst them

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This applies to Pi installations. Is it possible to set the display size on Linux installs?

@ibmasey I’m not very strong in Linux but a quick search seems to yield an option to make a change also