Touchplate stopped working

Abruptly my touchplate has stopped working.

Recently I switched to gSender from UGS, (not that I think gsender is the culprit) and have been using the z probe function. When the check window pops up & I check conductivity, it now usually does not enable. Ive resorted to using the paper probe method.
Ive cheched for internal probe loose wires, checked the brainbox connection, everything seems fine.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Any suggestions how to fix it?

It is a sienci probe that I bought with my machine 2 years ago (a V3 30x30 Longmill)


Do you have a meter to check the wires for continuity? Possibly a broken wire some where in between?

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The same happened to me a few months back. I started with the magnet and took it apart. I got lucky as that was where the issue was. The wires were not connected very well. I cut the ends off, stripped it, put on a new ring connector or whatever it is called, reconnected the magnet, and everything was all good again.

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After the wires broke for the third time, I beefed them up a little.


Thanks so much for your help!
Its a relief to see that its likely not a priblem with the brain box… Wiring I can deal with directly.
I havent fixed the problem yet but I expect to work on it this weekend.
Have a nice week