Tramming help please

So ive been able to adjust left and right tilt to level the router, but how do you adjust front and back tilt on the 30x30? Seems the only variable is in the V wheels on the left and right extrusions.

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I think you have to loosen the back plate that holds the router mount slightly. Then shim the top, or bottom to make it plum. Be patient, it takes time. Would have been nice if it had built in adjustments. Hope I explained it right.

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@Chaosweaver , I’m about to change all my V-wheels and was wanting to try and do a better job with tramming, so I’m curious about this too.


Are you referring to this part for the shimming?

Yep those are the colprits.

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How far out is it? You may be able to get some of your tram corrected by loosening your gantry screws and rolling it a touch.

A set of Allen set screws would be a nice feature for this application.
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Depending on how out it is, you can slightly loosen the mounting collar and make small adjustments to the router position. It may shift a little when you tighten it back up, and you’ll definitely have to re-adjust your x after.