Trouble connecting project with Goode sender and machine

I seem to have a problem with my projects. I cannot get a clear picture of the problem or where to start. A simple panel cutout of 10 x5 inches is saved with correct GRBL code. My attempts to get the MK2 to respond correctly have failed. It starts to move the spindle to the correct start position, whirls around in a small area then dig into the wood and grinds so I stop it then any suggestions?
My other areas of concern are with Vectric and gadgets and toolpath-notes. I cannot get to the bottom of gadgets to OK them. It is locked from me. The toolpath-notes looks like an overlay of many projects, very blurred and unreadable. How do I correct these issues?

have you had any successful test cuts/projects or always getting the same/similar results since you set the machine up? Its kind of difficult to pinpoint the problem without knowing more info I think to determine if it’s the machine or maybe the process you are following. Give a step by step-someone will figure it out