Trouble Down loading new version 1.4.3

I had a previous version that was about I think it was 1.1.2. I removed it and I tried to install version one.4.3 every time I would download it it would just show like a blank screen wouldn’t really show anything not quite sure what was going on. I’ve deleted it and removed it and reload it and still the same thing.

@Carl Hello Carl, welcome the the forum.

I have moved your post to the gSender category.

Do you mean that you are having trouble downloading it or that it downloads and installs but just shows a blank screen when you run it?

If it’s a download problem then I suggest trying to get it from gSender’s GitHub release page.

If it’s a problem with the installer or gSender when you run it then it would probably help the gSender developers to know what operating system you are using.