Hello I have a longmill mk2, I am currently trying to upload my files from carveco to Gsender with a usb drive and the size of the part is not transferring properly. In carveco I make the part 10x10 inches but when loaded into gsender it puts it at 1x1 inch. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Carveco is set to inches and gsender is set to millimeters maybe?

If gSender IS set to inches then maybe post the file to see if it does the same thing on another machine.

It may be that the post processor you have set in Carveco is not set to the correct output. It may be set to metric when you are using inches or vice versa. Check with other folk who have a Longmill CNC machine (I do not) as to what post processor the Longmill control board uses.

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The Longmill uses grbl inches or mm so pick one of those as your pp if you have not done so already.
Don’t have Carveco but it does seem like a translation thing.

I got it figured out thank you to those who answered