Trying to pinpoint a sound while jogging the Y axis

I’m hearing a low bump sound while jogging back and forth on the Y axis. Multiple occurrences on the Y axis, but with distinct locations between the left and right. Although they may be in the same spot every time, I am unable to pinpoint their location. I have cleaned the rails and wheels but will do it again. I have also changed out all the v-wheels, tensioned, and tightened bolts. I do not think it is affecting the quality of the carves or at least it is not an issue. I’ll try to get some video and sound of it later to post. ((MK1)

In the meantime, does this sound like something anybody else has experienced?

Or maybe I’m hearing a thump. Is a Bump and a Thump the same sound?

  • Two distinct sounds
  • If you are not there does it make a sound?
  • They are the same sound
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Edit to add the poll

I forgot to add that I can not feel the bumps very well. I should say I’m not sure if I’m feeling the bumps directly or just the vibrations from it further down the line as it dissipates. Does that make sense?

Are the anti-backlash blocks properly adjusted? Can you feel or hear the sound by trying to move the machine manually with it off?

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@_Michael I didn’t think about trying it manually. I will go back out and try. Thanks for the suggestion.

@Swinly Check to see if the bottom wheels are bumping into the top of the middle feet.

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