Twist on a blog post from 2020 comparing vcarve desktop and carvco maker

Just a note for this post from ages ago…

One of the major points of this article is the physical workpiece restrictions
“If you want the full 30″x30″ working area but don’t want to spend $699USD Carveco Maker is the way to go as it does not have size limitations.”

This is a misnomer. CM does not allow for tiling. This makes the statement “…it does not have size limitations.” incorrect.

In my mind, this changes the entire view because now you have to purchase Maker Plus if you want to go beyond your bed size and maker plus is $50/month or $600 a year (no discount for annual subscription btw) which now means in seven months you will have paid as much as a perpetual license of Vcarve Desktop.

This one point may not be an issue for many people but it would be for me.

I know there are many other differences and others may find one more important than this. I just felt it deserved to be mentioned because a large part of the argument was limited table size.

Blessings all,

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One of the reasons I went with CM was the unlimited working size. CM can theoretically accommodate an infinite working area, making the initial statement true, which is probably what the author was referencing. After all, if you have an infinite working area you have no need for tiling :slight_smile:

@cluksha First of all, welcome to the forum. Great group of folks here, all willing to chime in to help each other. Personally, I opted for VCarve Pro and never looked back. At the ripe old age of 60, learning is not what it was when I was 20 something. Coupled with the brain fog from a bad case of Covid, I wanted to learn my way around one software suite, and not “outgrow” and need to relearn. Once again, welcome! Take the plunge to a software vendor and don’t look back! You will be glad you did.

Thanks for the welcome gentlemen. I am excited about the adventure ahead. @Jake I fully understand the learning curve with age. I am not far behind at 52 and my curve has a long, long arch to it. One of those issues is that I was learning VCarve full on, thinking it was the CM software that came with the machine. By the time I got it, I was not about to move over :slight_smile:

Please all know that I was not trying to badmouth either software but that I felt that one feature was simply misrepresented in the article. In the end I have always had issue with SaaS from the consumer end but felt it was a smart move on the part of developers. So that combined with my reason above - sends me into VCarve and away we go…

See you all many times I’m sure.


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