Two sided carving, confuses me

That’s the exact video I needed. Very simple and not an hour long. The design part I get, you made the 2sided part understandable.
Thanks and I hope everyone on this site watches this YT vid, then subscribes.

Looking forward to what you do next,



@fljdave Very well done - again. :grinning:

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Wow, thanks! It’s the first time I’ve tried to do something actually “instructional” so I really appreciate your feedback. Thanks for watching and for your comments!

Thanks so much! Did you like my “fresh” spoilboard? :rofl:

I was able to muddle thru a 2 sided project!! It wasn’t perfect and went into the burn pile but I can do it now. With a little practice I might actually get the technique ironed out.
Thanks everyone for their input and help, the YT vid by Fine Line Joinery really brought the process into focus for me. Those new to double sided milling should give it a watch.



@W.g As you are now well on the way to be a two-sided expert, Wally, I will close this topic. If you end up having any issues on future projects, please feel free to post specifics.