UGS Platform issues


Has anyone had any recent issues with UGS Platform? Yesterday my previously working copy (on Windows 10) took an abnormally long time to boot up & then showed the Visualizer window greyed out. Ran two jobs ok without & then re-installed UGS. Program then froze at the nightly build window pop-up. Reloaded & now freezes once initial window opens. Also had to modify config file to point to Java as it also couldn’t find it.
Tad frustrating as have some must do projects this week.
Are there any viable alternative programs to UGS?


GrblGru, TinyG and there are others.

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Try estlcam. I have used it. Pretty good.

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Thanks, will give them a look.


Thanks, will have a look.


UPDATE: Using UGS Platform Snapshot version 2 w/Java 1.8.0. found that a file “jogamp_exe_tst1~~1.exe” appears to be the culprit in causing the program to freeze while loading. On research it appears others have had issues with same. It is used to find a temp file to extract .jar files to.
Once I’ve started UGS platform & it has froze I use task manager to kill the jogamp exe file. There may be two instances of the file that need removing. Don’t remove the UGSplatform.exe. Once the offending file(s) are stopped UGS starts up & runs fine. Will be checking with ugs programmer to see if a work around or patch can be had. Not sure why this hit now unless a windows update tripped ugs up.


Probably Windows updates. Lots of problems with latest batch of updates. From little irritating things to outright crashes so I’ve heard.


Please let us all know if and when you get a resolution.