UK based milling bits suppliers - very reasonable prices

A quick shout out to a UK milling bit supplier. Super sharp carbide uncoated tools for reasonable prices.

Rennie Tool Company

Highly recommended by me: Great service and speedy delivery. My latest acquisitions below.

Do they have a US based supplier? If not I would guess shipping would be a killer.

I don’t know, Mike. I have asked in an a-mail message. I will post an answer in this thread as soon as I have it. My postage was £3 but the cutters arrived one day after my order. The company use tracked Royal Mail (like USPS I think) so the additional fee is worth it for the end to end tracking. Only you will know how much of an additional on cost you can bear.

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I am speaking with the company at this time. I am trying to find out what the process will be.

Hi Mike, they do not have any US based suppliers. They do mail to the USA and say that if you order stuff, you can see what the carriage costs will be on the checkout page. Weight costs are usually all you will pay and a handful of bits should not be too heavy. In the US you will not have to pay our 20% VAT (value added tax) either. It may take a longer time to make a first order because I am not sure what forms will be required. We recently had a change to our border/customs legislation and I have no idea how that may affect the process. I guess a suck it and see approach may be the way forward.

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