Underpowered laser performance

Hi, My laser will operate but not actually burn at the rate of speed in existing examples. For example, the testing pattern demonstrated in the first live stream doesn’t burn anything at the speed in the downloaded gcode, not even if I slow the speed down from 1500 to 300. In this case O have Lightburn S =255, Gsender $30 =255, $31 = 0 and $32 Enabled. Dip switch 4. G2 lens.

I’ve done a couple of simple text examples that will only get me a result at exceptionally low speeds and the Dip 5 setting.



So, this is something that is laser specific. My JTech laser will burn dotted lines if I go over 20 ipm. It has to do with a multiplex frequency in the design of the product.

What specific laser do you have, and can you post specifics from the manufacturer?