Upgrade to 48x30 MK2 cutting noise

Hi, just upgrade the MK2 to 48x30, I looks great, but I can hear a very load noise (like is having some resistance ) when bit is cutting one way. Did surface the board, check router and is straight to board (not sure if I’m doing a good job on the tramming, check 4 side), make sure all screws are tighten, gantry move every which way with ease.
When doing the waste board grid, a 1/16 bit broke, maybe my fault - too fast–
is this normal on the 48x30? , it did not make this hard noise when it was 30x30.
(new with cnc) Any advice is welcome, and if is with example steps much better.

@Ralph-cnc I have moved your topic to the Machine Help category to see if it will get more attention there.

If you are still having this issue, I suggest that you open a support ticket with Sienci.

If you have resolved the issue, please let us know how you did it.

It might be the anti-backlash nut(s) for that axis. You mention the width upgrade was added, does that mean it’s the X axis that’s having a problem?

Sometimes the anti-backlash nuts can cause binding if they are set too tight or they are mounted crooked, not parallel with the threaded rod.

I didn’t post earlier because you said the gantry moves with ease. It’s at least something to check if you haven’t already.