UPS Customs Invoice received

Just a quickie. I received a UPS invoice for $120 for customs and other “charges”, just want to make sure this is legit before I pay it. (My cnc was delivered about a week ago now).

Anyone else get one of these ?


Yes, if you live in the USA it is a customs charge.


I am surprised they delivered your LongMill before you paid. Glad they did after you waited for it. Mine was only 93.00 but you may have ordered additional items. Have fun with your LongMill and we can’t wait to see what you make!

Thanks Jake, I did order a few add ons which probably bumped it up some. Just wanted to make sure it was a legitimate charge in this world of scam artists.

I ran a short test gcode to see how smooth the movement was and its looking pretty good. Need to do an actual cut once I have my spoil board finished.

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