UPS system for LM

Anyone use a UPS battery back-up system to keep their LM running when power outages happen? I live in a rural area and have frequent poweroutages. Thinking about geting a UPS system to combat it if it happens when cutting and to smooth out the power curve to the electronics. If you use 1 what watts are you using?, what do you all have connected to it?, and how long will the energizer bunny keep going?


You can probably figure out how much power you need here:

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I think the best you’re going to be able to do is buy yourself enough time to stop the machine so that your work isn’t ruined and allow the UPS to keep the LB alive until you have power again. A UPS capable of powering the router itself would have to be HUGE to be able to provide more than a couple of minutes of run time and would probably be prohibitively expensive. It’s a 6.5 amp router after all. It’ll eat power pretty fast.

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thanks sounds like a plan