USB Device not recognized

Starting today I am having the following message when connecting my LM to my Win10 laptop.
Anyone else have this and have a fix?
I am using Win10 and UGS. UGS will not be able to connect due to Win10 not recognizing the USB device. It was working till a few hours ago when it stopped in the middle of my resurfacing job.


@DannyS Danny: Try shutting down UGS, powering off your Mill controller, then powering on your Mill controller and opening UGS.

If this works, then go into windows 10 power settings and ensure that you turn all power saving settings off. Make sure you include the setting that allows windows to play with the power going to USB ports.

Grant, thanks for the quick reply and options to check.
Tried but didn’t change anything.
I also hooked up the LM controller to a raspberry pi I have and there USB is not recognized in bCNC either.

Is it possible the LM controller gone bad?

@DannyS I guess anything is possible. You may want to try a different USB cable.

edit: What do you see in windows device manager under com ports?

Grant, I have reached out to Sienci and they most likely will send me a new Arduino board or let me know where I can buy it myself. I will check on the COM ports later just to make sure however.

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Following as I have the same problem with my CNC I just built. Did it end up being a bad controller.

Yeah, the Arduino UNO was the culprit, it went bad. The guys from Sienci sent me a new one, great cust serve!
While their controller was on the way I got one as well from Amazon, next day delivery, flashed GRBL and I was back in business. If anything this little endeavor helped me to better understand how the LongMill works and what great cust serve is all about!

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