User Input in Macros Using M109?

Looking to create some macros that ask for user inputs. An example would be a macro to set 0,0 in the back right corner and asking for the bit width. I have seen some info using M109 but not sure if this would work. Thanks!

Have you looked into workspaces?

I have and use them some. Interested in doing dovetails and the software works off the right front corner. Could probably use them. Thanks!

I looked here in the GRBL Wiki and there is no mention of M109 which leads me to believe that it is not supported by GRBL.

If you take a look at this page of the gSender docs, it has a macros section. At the bottom of that section there are some links to the library that gSender uses to parse macros. They mention user defined variables and JavaScript code.

I haven’t dug into macros yet so I’m not sure if interactive inputs are possible but I think those links may be the place to find out.

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Not sure what software you have but I have some experience doing dovetails on my LongMill with VCarve Desktop (no dovetail support) with my vertical clamping system.

Front of the box

Side of the box

Not sure what kind of machine setup or software you use but I’m willing to share how I do them if wanted/needed.

@Neuder We may be able to help more if you can link us to the info you mention. The only references I can find for M109 are in the 3D printing environment where you can tell the printer to wait while the extruder is heating up or cooling down. None of the examples that I found allowed for interactive input, though.

M109 can be used on some industrial level machines as a user input prompt.
This would not apply to any machine or software relevant to this forum.
@Neuder What machine do you have? Setting zero is easy. Adjusting for tool diameter is not possible with Grbl.

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@NeilFerreri Tks for setting me straight, Neil. I always appreciate it. :grinning:

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Thank you for the information. I was referring to the following webpage:

I realize that GRBL is not capable of this. Again, thanks for all the help. I will probably just use workspaces.

Sienci MK 1. 30 x 30

Thank you! I have a Scienci MK1 with a vertical slot/jig. I would be very welcome to any ideas or help for doing this in VCarve Pro.

With VCarve Pro it might be as easy as using a Gadget. This guy has a bunch of gadgets and on that page you will find Easy Dovetail Maker which is made for vertical mounts/jigs. I would play with that and some scrap to see if it does what you want.

I don’t have Pro only Desktop version :frowning: so it’s a little more complicated but allows me total control, like different widths for each one etc. I am going to make a separate thread on my way of doing dovetails so I can reference it easily in the future. It may help other people that don’t have Pro. It may take me awhile, day or two, but I will link it from this thread when I’m done. Meanwhile give that gadget a try, hopefully he has kept it up to date.

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@Neuder I made that dovetail guide! I’ve thought about documenting it before so I’m glad you had interest. It motivated me to do it.

Thank you Michael! I’m excited to try using the dovetail maker.

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Thank you @_Michael gadget makers are really good at this stuff