Using a Long Mill controller to run a Shopbot

Hey guys I have a ShotBot Desktop at work and I am looking to gut it and replace the control board and meanwell power supply with a LongMill control. I know ill have to configure the firmware. Which will be easy with gSender. However, do you foresee me having any other issues converting this ShopBot ?

@Modern-Memories Sean: Welcome back. :grinning:

I created a new topic for your question as I believe that it would be lost in the Martketplace category.

Thanks . You think it would be best in general since I am asking for info and not selling anything?

@Modern-Memories I do think so. People looking in the Marketplace are either selling something, giving it away, or looking to buy. Anyone not looking to do any of those things would not see your request for info. I believe that, with it in this category, you have a better chance of getting some advice.

You could also write directly to Sienci if your post here doesn’t elicit any information.