Using the the E-stop button as ON/OFF Switch?

Hi, I’m fairly new to CNC’s and just put together my Longmill MK2. I was wondering if it is a good idea or not to use the E-Stop button as an ON/OFF switch for the control box? I don’t want to leave the control box running all the time. My assumption is that you should only use the E Stop button for emergency situations, so I’ve just been turning off the surge protector that my box is plugged into at the moment. Sorry for the super newbie question, but thanks for any advice/input.

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@inthewoodworksco Hello and welcome to the forum! Lots of great people here with all types of experience from the new guy to resident expert. Personally, I am a new guy with a couple months of experience using my MK2. I use that red button for on and off of my LongMill, and have never given it a second thought. I don’t see where it would be an issue turning off at your surge protector though. Maybe someone with a bit more experience will chime in and give their 2 cents worth of advice.

Once again, welcome. I can’t wait to see what you are going to make!

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I’ve never thought about it but for whatever reason, I’ve always pushed it down as part of my shutdown and clean up routine. The surge protector is the last item before moving on to sweeping or leaving.


Thanks Jake! I had a little experience with another CNC that will remain anonymous (but it started with an X) and they made it seem like the red button was only ever a last resort. So I wasn’t sure if this was the same for this machine. Appreciate the input!

Yes, you can use the e-stop as an on-off switch as well, that was what it was designed for.


Awesome! Thanks Andy!