V-Wheel adjustment

So I’m setting up my long mill. And I have mounted the gantry and I am trying to set the tension on the v-wheels. I have them at the lowest point and it’s still has a bit of play. It says I should not be able to spin the v-wheels freely but I can easily turn them. Am I missing a step?

I am having the same problem. Support case is open and I have sent the pertinent information to them. Not sure what the solution is at this point.

Trying to find the correct dimensions of the V-wheels and also the X-axis rail. Anyone know?

After sending them my measurement they are sending me new v-wheels. But I don’t know what the measurements should be tho.

@Nic Chris posted after they found out that they had an issue with some of the wheels. He posted what the size should be. I can’t find the post right now, but if you search for it, you may well find it.

Found it here: https://sienci.com/2020/08/11/the-epic-saga-of-the-v-wheels/

I remember reading this as well and was hoping it wasn’t an issue by the time my LongMill arrived.

I forgot about this or I would have measured the V-wheels before I started building.

Well, they are sending me some replacement parts so hopeful this will resolve my problems.

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Yes I hope so too. Mine will be here Friday.