V-wheel / feet issue

Ive ran into a snag thats puts my machine out of service, while running the Y axis towards the rear my left X axis v wheel ran into one of the feet and made that side stop and the other side keep moving. Once I got it back square I looked carefully and noticed the v wheels were hitting one of the feet. I adjusted the wheels which wasnt very old so I went ahead and replaced them all as well but the wheel still hits the foot.

Has anyone else ever had issues with this? New wheels all around and and it seems to sit too low.

MK1 - Sept 2020

The V-wheels on mine did too but not at the extreme that yours seems to be in that picture. I ended up filing and sanding the feet down a tad.

Yeah that seems to be the only fix for this… Im looking for the right tool now lol

So what I’ve found to be the root cause is the feet are “over time” starting to bend downwards. Measuring the foot, from top of the bottom foot brace to the lowest contact point of the Y axis aluminum rail, I compared both sides of the machine and found the left side (Zero Side) was 1/8 in lower.

Im assuming its just the 3D printed material getting weak after so long. Oh well I used a dremel and cut what I needed out and all is good now!


I can see the two grooves made by the wheel’s profile in your picture. When I noticed it on mine the grooves were starting to form.

Speaking of Vwheels, did you order your replacements through Sienci? I was considering replacing mine and would like to order from amazon or somewhere close to me. I don’t know if there is a lot of fluctuation in the specs from one manufacturer to another.

Well I ordered from Sienci (which I recommend) but they were on back order so I found some on Amazon that worked fine but the picture shows the Sienci wheels and it got a little tighter but definitely didn’t pick it up enough.

I’ll end up ordering new feet at some point after food and gas prices go down some.