V Wheel replacement interval

After 10 months using my Longmill 30x30, I needed to use it to surface endgrain boards before sanding so I was checking to make sure everything good and found that a couple V wheels were loose (again) and attempted to adjust only to find they wouldn’t tighten any further.
So, I ordered a new set of wheels.
In removing the X axis upper wheels, I found the washers were worn.
Due to the wear, this can also affect alignment of the router for the Y axis causing tramming problems.
After replacing the wheels, movement became much smoother and quiet. I had been getting some growling noise when making long rapid movements.

This post is only informational, since I’ve noticed other questions concerning tram and noise when moving. Since I use my Longmill quite a bit it looks like V wheel replacement will be a 6 month maintenance task.
So, all you new guys just starting out with a V Wheel machine, V Wheels do wear out.
But, they’re only $20 and take about an hour and a half to replace and adjust.


Appreciate the info on your personal experience. I’ve had mine little over a year with a pretty decent amount of use in that time. I was beginning to wonder what may need replacing soon.