V-wheels breaking

Hi. I had a Y-gantry v-wheel bearing disintegrate on me. I ordered replacement v-wheels and was replacing it when I noticed that even with the eccentric nut on ‘open’, the wheel was way too tight. I decided to unscrew my machine from the spoil board and remount to make sure everything was line up correctly. This is when I noticed that only on left Y-gantry (the side where my bearing broke), the v-wheels get tighter as the XZ-gantry moves forward, they get ridiculously tight. In fact, I could actually hear the bearing cracking under the stress. This is only happening to the left side Y-axis, and even with that side unscrewed to the base.

Anyone experience something like this? Or have an idea as to why this is happening? It seems like even if I replace the v-wheels, they’ll just break again after a few uses.