V wheels marking

I\ve noticed some black marks on my X/Y tracks presumably from my v wheels. Do I have them set too tight or should I just clean my tracks regularly?

@Teeman That’s normal, Tony. Just clean them from time to time. That said, it never hurts to the make sure your wheels are properly adjusted.

That’s normal as gwilki state. Note that the v-wheels are a consumable item and at some point will need to be replaced after tons of use.

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Figured that, as I had some spares. Still learning so haven’t been using it non stop so plenty of life in them yet…hopefully. Thanks

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Yeah this black residue is very normal and can accumulate on both the top and bottoms of the rails. Regular cleaning is a good idea to keep your LM running well!

Though it seems like it’s coming from the wheels, its’ actually mostly coming from the v-wheels compressing the ambient dust in the air and on the rails as it rolls over the profile :nerd_face: