V-Wheels replacement procedures? (MK1)

I’m long overdue to replace the V-wheels and plan to do it this weekend. I ordered them a while back but got lazy when they arrived. Anyway, I can’t put it off anymore. Is there a proper way I should take this on?

The M5 washers on the v-wheels, I’m pretty sure they are worn. If I need to replace them too, is there a specified thickness I need to get? Or will I be fine picking up some 5mm washers at the hardware store tomorrow?

Many thanks

I messed with it for a couple of minutes and it seems a little difficult to put the wheels back on. Is that normal or should I have taken the front feet off to remove the entire X-axis to install the wheels and then roll the X-axis back on?

@Swinly FWIW, I replaced all mine without removing the gantries. Put the wheel in place so that the rail is in the V, then slip the bolt in. Finicking for some of them, but doable.

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@gwilki I had initially planned to do that, but when I started the first one, I realized it was more challenging than I had anticipated, so I decided to stop.

Thank you

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@gwilki You were able to replace the X gantry as well? I couldn’t reattach the wheels, so I had to take off the front two feet. Now that I’ve reattached and adjusted the Y gantries, I’m realizing I might need to remove them again to replace the X gantry wheels.

I guess I’m never done with something until I needlessly do it two or three times.

Hey @Swinly,

Here is a video showing Bucky replacing his v-wheels, it may help out a bit.


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