V1.4.3 start at line # does not start spindle

Start at line# moves does not restart the spindle. It moves around like it is starting from the right place but doesn’t spin up.

No response here? No one else having this issue?

@MtrDLP Does it work in 1.4.5?

in 1.4.5 it starts the spindle but ignores the dwell time

@MtrDLP Here is an old thread on this same issue.

If the recommended solution is out of date, you may want to open a support ticket with Sienci. I’m sure that their gSender group will reply.

It is very disappointing that this issue isn’t fixed yet. How do I open a support ticket?

Go onto the sienci support website. The form is there. (I’m assuming that the solution proposed by Kevin the linked post does not work for you.)

It doesn’t look like Kevin posted a solution. It just looks like suggestions on what a fix might possibly be. I guess I was saw the blurb in the documentation that said it retained the speed setting for recovery and thought “good, they fixed it”, but if it isn’t going to wait for it to spin up recovery is not going to work. I guess if you are using a router with just on/off it is okay.

I guess the kludge fix is start the spindle via command line, wait until it is at speed, then start from line#. It will coast a few seconds so give it a higher RPM via command line so it will be up to speed before movement starts.

@MtrDLP I’m likely misunderstanding Kevin’s “solution”. I thought that the said that you could put a dwell code in the start event field in gSender and that would do what you want.

At any rate, I’m sure that you will get results from your support ticket.

So, if this is something that happens often, then perhaps there are other issues involved?