Vacuum Solution

I have a question for you sir,

What size hose did you use for your Sienci dust port? I can’t seem to find one that fits.


I had a reducer to go from the 2" main hose down to 1 1/8" or even 1" to fit into the brush bracket. I know it’s not perfect but neither are the expensive alternatives. Once i removed some of the internal ridges, that improved the vertical adjustment. So when I put in a bit I look at the task, I adjust the height accordingly. If i’m doing a profile cut through the material I start out with the brush a half the material thickness above the bit. A V Carve i set the brush about even with the bit tip. The brush doesn’t touch at the start of the carve but the suction is so strong it srill works well

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:pray: Thank you, I’ll try that and hope for the best.

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@Parkey I bought a bag full adapters like the one pictured just happened, maybe harbor frieght.

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