Vcarve Desktop Limits

I bought a Longmill 48x30 with very little knowledge about CNC. For software I wanted something I could own. Not perscription. So I looked at Vcarve desktop. I just happened to see a video that said Vcarve desktop was limited to 24"x24". Is that true? Is there any other similar software besides the Pro version of Vcarve that don’t have that limit? I want at some time to be making bigger projects.


Dean, from my perspective I would go with Carve Desktop and learn how to use it. For the occasional piece larger than 24"x24" you can use tiling to ‘stitch together’ parts that form a larger single piece. If you like the VCarve software (I do), then you can just pay the difference cost to get Pro and the size limitation is removed (you also get scripting tools and a few minor things in Pro).

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Thanks for the reply!
How do I find out what “stitching” is? I would at some time like to make Guitar necks and they are more than 24". I was kind of shocked at what the price is for Pro
So far I haven’t even got the beginner tutorial called “Avalon” to work or the surfacing program in Gsender to work. I did do a 10" by 5" surfacing to work.

Thanks for putting up with my frustrations!

Are you cutting the profiles of the necks or doing full 3d?

@Dean It’s called “tiling” in VCarve. There are tutorial on the Vectric site that will take you through it. There are others on Youtube. It is not complicated at all.

Thanks for the reply!
I have not bought the program yet. Still investigating things.
So far I haven’t even done a project yet. I am going to try to do the “Avalon” one again in Gsender for beginners.
I don’t know if I am doing profiles or 3D. I have to figure out what that is. I’m thinking something like a guitar neck is a ways off yet.

Thanks for the reply gwilki! So Vcarve desktop might still fill my needs.

Hi Dean,
I am using VC desktop and plan to upgrade when the need arises. I like Vectric’s one time purchase price with the ability to upgrade anytime by only paying the difference. The only drawback I have found with the 24 x 24 limitation so far is that I can’t surface my spoilboard. There are free and trial versions of other software that can be used for this task. I used one of them to make a grid that I carved on my spoilboard, although I still haven’t bothered to surface it! LOL
BTW, I do like VCarve!

@fljdave If you are running gSender, it has a built in surfacing module that you can use to surface all your spoilboard.

fljdave thanks for the reply! Good to here you like Vcarve desktop. Read gwilki’s reply for doing your whole spoilboard. If you don’t have Gsender you can download it for free and it has that program for surfacing the spolboard.

Thank you for the reply with using Gsender!

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Oh yeah, I do use Gsender. Forgot about that! So much for THAT excuse… :rofl:

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@fljdave If you are looking for excuses :grinning:

Pro allows for templates
Pro includes the ability to use sheets
Pro lets you use gadgets
Pro has a more adaptive nesting function

I have no affiliation at all with Vectric. I’m just a friendly neighbourhood excuse provider.

Hi Dean, I also used VCarve Desktop for the first few years and then upgrade to Pro (for just the difference in cost). I have since taken a VCarve course recommended by Garrett Fromme. The link is and the instructor is Kyle Ely. Once finished I knew everything about Vcarve. Take a look at it. It will save you a ton of frustrations…

Thanks gwilki!
I am still working on getting the “Avalon” tutorial to work. So I have a ways to go in learning.

Thanks Panamapete!

I will keep that in mind.

I finally got the beginning tutorial program in vcarve called “Avalon” to where I can save it. Then it says I need something called “Post Processor G-code Arcs (inch)(*.tap) extension”. What is that? Is it included with Vcarve desktop?


@Dean You do need a post processor, but not that one. You should be using grbl mm. There are Vectric tutorials and many Youtube videos on how to install post processors. It is quite easy to do.

Morning Dean, I’ve never used Avalon but I would second Panamapete’s recommendation and highly recommend Kyle’s course, I’ve taken it and refer back all the time. That’s the best part, your able to go back review skills you don’t use all the time I’m a former Teacher and Flight Instructor and I think Its well laid out and will give you all the skills you need to move forward with CNCing


Thanks again! Have a great day.

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