Vcarve Desktop Limits

As with any YouTube channel, you have to go back and look at previous videos where they have discussed other aspects of the subject.

This is really pathetic. Once I have the files saved, how do I run them on vcarve desktop? The files are found at “C:\Users\USER\Downloads” and are named “Carlene_2-Profile 0.25.tap”.

@Dean You do not run gcode files in VCarve. With respect, it seems that you have not understood the advice that you have been given here, nor what you saw on mark lindsay’s channel. Further, as I said previously, it appears that you have not installed the post processor that you should be using. It will create .gcode files not .tap files.

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My apologies. I don’t know how I got side tracked. Am I suppose to be getting something like this for
grbl mm? If so I will try to get it installed.

Dean, the post processors are located within Vcarve Desktop. There are menu items where you can edit one. You would also choose the correct post processor when you “save” your design within Vcarve Desktop.

There’s no need to go outside of Vcarve Desktop.


Thanks! I am now able to preview the two saved paths.

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For some reason I cannot take screenshots.
So I have a screen on the computer with these two files:
Pocket 1-1 Pocket 1 gcode
Pocket 1-2-tabs.gcode

Then at the bottom of the screen there is:
File Name
Save As Type Grbl(mm)(*.gcode)

Are these files that I’m looking for to do the carving?
Mark Lindsey says then save them to a flash drive to load into the computer I guess, that is going to run the CNC. Is that necessary? How do you run a file to carve?

@Dean It is a bit odd that you have tabs with a pocket tool path. Tabs are made to hold a piece in when you are cutting it out - normally using a profile tool path. That said, this may be good practice for you.

The .gcode files are indeed the files you will be cutting. They are the files the gSender needs to do its job. In your case, you will have two gcode files. One for your pocket toolpath and one for your tabs toolpath. You can name them anything you want.

Mark says to save them to a flash drive assuming that the computer that you have vcarve on is not the computer that you have gSender one. If that is not the case, you don’t need a flash drive. If your VCarve pc is not the one connected to your Long Mill, you need a way to get the .gcode files from that pc to the one connected to the Long Mill. That can be done using a flash drive or by accessing them from one pc to the other on your home network.

You run the file in gSender.

I am sending you a private message to continue this conversation - if you like.

The “Tabs” were in the name so I would know which file it was since I messed up not getting the tabs put in properly.
So Gsender needs to be opened to run the files.

So I don’t know how to access private message so thank you for the offer.
I did get “screenshot” to work. Stuck key.

I should be able to run a file now. Thanks!

They should show up at the top right of the page. Click your profile icon and you can see some info about about topics that you are involved in. If someone liked your post or replied to your post or sent a PM it will be there. There are more settings and info next to your picture, the three horizontal lines icon which I’ve heard called a ‘hamburger’ menu. :smile:

I guess you got this to work but I’ll tell you how I do it anyway. I use snip and sketch for screenshots on Windows. It’s in the newer versions, 10+, and replaced the snipping tool. Just hit the Windows key and type ‘snip’ and you should see it.

Thank you! I learned something else today.

Thankyou everyone. I got something carved! I couldn’t have done it without all of you especially Gwilki. What a forum!