VCarve Pro Post Processor for gSender

I am using VCarve Pro as my design software. It doesn’t seem to recognize gSender when saving to a post processor? What can I do to make this work? Or is this a question for Vectric?

@Wills Welcome to the group, Bill.

In VCarvePro, you will choose either grbl inch or grbl mm as your post processor. If you are designing in inches in VCP, choose grbl inch as your post processor. This will create files with a .gcode suffix, which gsender will open.

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Beautiful. Thank you for the help. I just ordered my 30 x 30 so want to be ready.

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@Wills That’s a smart way to do things, Bill. I strongly recommend Mark Lindsay’s VCarve for beginners series on Youtube. He takes things slow and easy from very beginning to advanced stuff. Take a look on Mark Lindsay CNC. He is not using a grbl machine, but that does not affect the design and toolpath strategy at all.

I am a devoted follower of Mark and usually am able to make the Sunday live chats. I agree his videos are top notch but you’re right, he doesn’t use grbl. My CNC experience is with another brand, don’t know if I should name it here, but I want the larger work space at the affordable price.

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