Vcarve pro tool database

Good day.
I am new to cnc and trying to learn vcarve and populate my tool database.
I deleted or lost the Imperial tool database, the default. Do not ask me how.
Is there a way to recover the default database. I am not computer illiterate but get lost easily. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Scott N.

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@ItsSmee Try this

open vcarve
click on “file” then “open application data folder”
explorer will open
open “backups”
open “tooldatabase”
choose the most recent one

Tried it but went straight to the back up folder. When I click on database to open it I am being asked to look for an app to open it with. Which app though.

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@ItsSmee if you just reinstall v carve as new it will revert to the default tool data base.

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I tried already. Still same result.
Thanks for your input. Greatly appreciated.

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@ItsSmee I can’t remember the dialog when you reinstall, something like favorites or overwrite, that may help you out.

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The tool database is in C:\ProgramData\Vectric. ProgramData is a hidden folder so you will have to enable “show hidden files” in Windows Explorer to see it.

If you delete C:\PragramData\Vectric it will get recreated when you reinstall. You will lose any other info specific to your installation, machine profile etc.

To enable show hidden folders click on File in Explorer then select “Change folder and search options”. Then on the popup on the “View” tab you will find “Show hidden file, folders, and drives”.

Hope this helps, I tried just deleting/moving the tool database but that did not work.

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@ItsSmee In VCarve, open the tool database window, then click on import database. Then choose one of the backups. I just tried this and it worked.


Thank you kindly.
I will give it a try. I already created a new Imperial Tools group and am starting to populate it with just my tools. The default i was relying on more or less as a click copy n paste tool to populate my own tools list, so i would not have to enter everything manually.

Go to IDC and download their data base for Vetric. He does have a video on how to install it also.

Thank you Miachel.
I will look at this n give it a shot. I am starting my own tools list and was using the default as a pick n drag for tool descriptions. Found a working around, past the default setting when i pick a tool type from the drop down menu. E.g. the default for End mill is always 1/8, if i want to add a 1/4 End mill to my list i need to type the diameter in the data field and the tool name changes to 1/4 End Mill, or rather, End Mill (1/4)

Just learning, the hard way it seems, lol.
Happy Friday.

Thank you again Bill.
Happy Friday.

Thank you. Was looking at it a bit last night.

Once you populate the database, save a copy on the Vectric web site.