Vcarve software and gsender

I make a project in v carve the save it to a usb drive then when I go to gsender and load theres nothing there. newbie here please advise and help. Thank you.

@gog1569 - First of all welcome Margaret. Sounds like you just saved the overall project. Have you generated and saved the tool paths? They are separate files.

Thank you Heyward 43 No I did not save the toolpaths

How do I save the tool path please.

Hello @gog1569 and welcome to the forum. What you need to have for gSender is a G-Code file. Making toolpaths and saving the G-Code with the correct post processor for your machine is all done in the right hand side pop-out in VCarve.

If you have a LongMill you will want to choose grbl (inch) or grbl (mm) for the post-processor when you save the toolpath.

Post back with a little more detail like what machine you have and what type of cut you are trying to do if you need more help.

Thank you Michael I have x carve and I’m trying to carve out a pocket in a saying.

Alright I’m pretty sure with an X-carve that you still want grbl(inch) or grbl(mm) post processor. To make a pocket you should be able select the shape that defines the pocket and then select the pocket toolpath from Toolpath Operations in that right hand pop out menu. You can pin that so it stays open by the way.

After selecting the Pocket Toolpath the right side should change to set up that toolpath. You can leave the start depth at 0.0 if your pocket starts at the surface and the cut depth is how deep the pocket will be. You then select the tool(s) to be used. It’s easier at first to just use one tool but you can select a big tool to “hog” out the majority and then a smaller bit to finish if you like. If you use multiple tools it will output multiple toolpaths with one of them labeled (Clear).

After selecting the tool(s) you may want to select Ramp Plunge moves especially if you have a downcut bit. When your all set click Calculate at the bottom and it will make the toolpaths.

After making the toolpaths they can be previewed in VCarve so you can get an idea of what it is going to look like.

When your satisfied with the toolpaths you can save them from the same right side pop out. The icon is at the bottom right and looks like an old hard disk. On the menu for that is where you can select a machine profile and post processor before hitting Save Toolpath(s) button to save the .gcode file. Then you can bring that file into gSender and see what it looks like there before you have the machine cut.