Verify Job hanging

  1. Firmware version: ??? (how do you determine?) SLB FW-Version = ???
  2. Sender: (gSender, ioSender, etc.) gSender 1.4.6
  3. Relevant tested files: (upload files here using the upload button)
  4. Any pictures or videos attached showing the issue:
  5. Upload of the ‘Diagnostics’ PDF file:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Loaded simple profile job into gSender 1.4.6 from Vectric Vcarve Pro v12.005 (see attached)
  2. Clicked Verify Job. 1st time it appeared run fine. 2nd time it hung, still Checking Gcode/move buttons grey’d out. Clicking around the screen, then clicking Verify Job, it may go to IDLE. Run Verify Job again it may or may not run. See Video.

I loaded the gcode into NC Viewer. The code looks good to me (a novice). It ends with an M2 (end job).

ValleyEyeCare_logo_3-Profile Outline.gcode (269 Bytes)
gSender-settings-4_29_2024-11_40_43 AM.json (31.0 KB)


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This is fixed in the upcoming gSender release.


BTW, how does one determine the version of firmware in the SLB?

@R.Portman In gSender Console input $I and hit enter. About 4 or 5 lines down, you will see the SLB firmware version. Current is B5.03

Thank you. Do you have an ETA for the gSender version update which will fix Job Verify?

Unironically in like 30 minutes from now.

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I uninstalled 1.4.6
I installed 1.4.7

The issue with “Verify Job” hanging has been resolved.

Thank you.
Roland Portman

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@R.Portman As 1.4.7 has resolved your issue, I am closing this topic.