Vertical milling, but with horizontal orientation so you can side load long pieces

Yes, that works. No text description visible but fairly obvious what the three areas are. That is very helpful, thanks!

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Jeff, I just put out a new video which I think you’ll find interesting :stuck_out_tongue:


@chrismakesstuff Chris: I have no interest in setting my Mill up to work vertically, but I watched this video in its entirety. I believe that this is your best video yet in terms of explaining the design/cam/cutting process. I don’t use CamLabs, but I would recommend that anyone starting out in CamLabs watch this video for a quick tutorial on its setup. The only criticism that I can offer is that it was unclear how you changed the orientation from Z0 being in the centre for design purposes, to using the plate to set it to the lower left corner, then moving it back again before cutting.

ps. Love the carving. :grinning:

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Yeah, I think it was a bit unclear too. Thanks for the feedback Grant, I actually got to thinking that it might make more sense to try splitting the video up into two separate ones, one on the vertical setup and another on the CAMLab carving, so I’ll be experimenting to see if I can do that tonight with the existing footage :slight_smile:

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