Visualizer went blank during otherwise perfect job

During the second pass of a 7:31 run time file the Visualizer went blank as seen in pic. The machine continued to work perfectly as usual and finished the job with no other issues. I closed the file and opened another and a small frowny face appeared in the upper left corner of the Visualizer. A restaret of Gsender returned the visual part of the Visualizer back in view. Gsender 1.1.7 on Dell XPS15 9500 running WIN 11 . No previous display issues. The machine had just updated WINDOWS before I started job.

I THOUGHT I PUT THIS UNDER BUG BUT PUT IT IN QUESTION. Please move as required and forgive OMB (Old Man Brain)

I’ve had that happen and I waited till it finished and restated to program. You did the right thing. I think it happen twice on me. It may not do it again!